Session at AGU Fall Meeting 2014

San Francisco, 15–19 December 2014 // Session no. 1795

Session Description: Engineering ideas to reduce the impact of climate change have been proposed that involve (e.g.) injection of aerosol particles, modification of clouds and/or surface albedo. This session solicits papers that examines processes associated with these techniques and studies where such techniques have been implemented in either high resolution and/or global climate models. Case studies are welcome. Geoengineering research has significantly moved on from the first simple climate model experiments. Papers could give key insights into the effectiveness and side effects from different techniques, and how detectable these will be with the limitations of our observing system and climate variability. They could also provide  insights into the engineering challenges and give unique tests for climate models, for example,  identifying robust patterns of climate change caused by rapid adjustment to radiative perturbations.

Conveners: Piers Forster (University of Leeds), Ben Kravitz (PNNL); Hauke Schmidt (Max Planck Institute for Meteorology) and Simone Tilmes (NCAR)