Welcome to the Climate Engineering Research Symposium!

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Next week from Tuesday the 7th to Friday the 10th of July the Climate Engineering Research Symposium will be held in Berlin. We look forward to accompanying you as you participate in this exiting international event, which will not only welcome over 130 participants from thirteen countries around the world, but will also be open to the public on Thursday 9th to encourage what we hope will be inclusive and productive discussions.

The symposium aims to take stock of what we collectively know about climate engineering and to facilitate the open exchange of views on the different directions in which CE research could and should move in the future. With this in mind, the program includes sessions on a broad range of CE issues, encompassing not only the scientific feasibility and assessability of the technologies and the uncertainties associated with them, but also questions of CE governance, and how the proposed technologies are perceived around the world. These sessions will be complemented by a total of 41 posters showcasing the work being carried out by researchers from around the globe.

On Thursday evening we invite you to take part in our 'Pointing science' knowledge show, a media-based show which enables the participation of both experts and the general public. The focus of the discussion is determined by the audience, who votes for topics using laser pointers. The combination of scientific expertise, entertaining elements and an active audience will facilitate the lively transfer of complex and diverse knowledge. Please join us at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences at 7 pm.

This blog aims to provide both a review of each day's discussions and a platform for participants and other interested parties to pose questions and post comments so that the lively exchange of ideas can continue long after the sessions have come to an end.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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