Oral Presentations

Presentation length

The presentation length differs from session to session. All presentation times include time for questions & discussions. The timing will be strictly enforced. Please find the specific time for your session below:

S 1 ‘Scientific Feasibility of Climate Engineering Ideas’
20 min. presentation + 10. min discussion

S 2 ‘Exploring Climate Engineering Uncertainties’
15 min. presentation + 5 min. discussion

S 3 ‘Governing Climate Engineering Research, Potential Development and Deployment’
15 min presentation + 15 min. discussion

S 4 ‘A Comparative View on Climate Engineering Options and Assessment Metrics’
15 min. presentation + 5 min. discussion

S 5 ‘Perceptions of and Perspectives on Climate Engineering Research & Deployment’
20 min. presentation + 10 min. discussion

Presentation format and upload

The preferred formats for your presentation are PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat. Presenters are asked to use the conference system and not their own laptop to minimize setup time. Please provide a copy of your presentation on a memory stick. Please arrive before the conference begins in the morning, at a coffee break, or at lunch break prior to your scheduled presentation to upload your presentation to the provided conference computer.
The computers are configured as follows:

Windows PC:
•    Windows 7 Professional
•    Microsoft Office 2012;
•    Acrobate Reader 11.0.10       
•    OS X 10.9.5
•    Microsoft Office 2011 Version 14.4.9
•    Acrobate Reader 11.0.10


Poster contributions

Poster Pitch

During the symposium we will pay special attention to the posters. Within the orals programme periods are reserved to be poster pitch sessions.

  • Posters to the Symposiums Session 1+ 4 have a slot on Tuesday.
  • Posters to the Symposiums Session 2+3+5 have a slot on Wednesday.

Please check the schedule for the specific time.

In the poster pitch sessions the poster authors are put in line to introduce the subject of the poster. The poster numbers orders them. Please be ready in time. The authors are allowed to use max. 2 minutes per person to highlight the subject and attract the people to come and visit the poster in the poster visits. Please make your pitch using one slide only. The pitch should stay very general: simply present the context of the research; at least it should contain your name, institute and title of the poster.

The pitch should be provided to the symposiums office (CERSYM2015@spp-climate-engineering.de) latest July 1st as a .pdf.

The pdf should be named as follows:
Poster number_Presenter surname_cersym15.pdf

The number of your poster you will find here:


Poster presentation

A dedicated poster session will follow the oral presentation sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday.

  • Posters to the Symposiums Session 1+ 4 on Tuesday.
  • Posters to the Symposiums Session 2+3+5 on Wednesday.

Small snacks and beverages will be provided during the poster sessions.

Poster should be A0 in size max up to. 145 cm x 90 cm (height x width) in Portrait orientation. The poster boards are in the both annexes next to the symposiums room. The poster boards are numbered. Please stick your poster to the corresponding poster board number. Authors are requested to hang up their posters in the morning of their poster presentation and leave them up for the duration of the Symposium.

If you want to print your posters in Berlin, please go to Copy- Repro-Center, Markgrafenstr. 65, 10969 Berlin.