Session 2: Exploring Climate Engineering Uncertainties

Chairs: Prof. Dr. Gregor Betz (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) and Prof. Dr. Ulrike Lohmann (ETH Zürich)

This session is structured around two closely related questions:

1. What are the scientific uncertainties surrounding climate engineering research and development and CE deployment?

2. What do current scientific uncertainties entail for the normative assessment of climate engineering options?

Re 1, we invite contributions which describe and possibly constrain climatic, socio-economic, political or juridical uncertainties concerning climate engineering research and development and CE deployment. In the same time, we encourage the submission of abstracts that critically reflect on how scientific uncertainties are currently conceptualized and assessed.

Re 2, we invite contributions from decision sciences which discuss how climate engineering uncertainties should affect normative climate engineering assessments, and how climate policy-making should take those scientific uncertainties into account.