• Prof. Dr. Andreas Oschlies // GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
  • Ulrike Bernitt // Kiel Earth Institute
  • Rita Erven // Kiel Earth Institute
  • Martin Behrens // Kiel Earth Institute
  • Nils Matzner // Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt

Coordination Project

Essential characteristics of the Priority Programme (SPP) “Climate Engineering: Risks, Challenges, Opportunities?” are the strong interdisciplinarity and the high value given to the transparency of and public participation in the research. Therefore the Project Coordination of the SPP will support these elements particularly.


C O R E  T H E S E S

  • A comprehensive assessment of Climate Engineering (CE) requires a whole range of interdisciplinary expertise. Promoting interdisciplinary cooperation is therefore essential.
  • Responsible CE research must be transparent, without a predetermined conclusion and engage in dialogue with the public.
  • A communication based on scientific facts is meant to incite neither fears nor raise false hopes.
  • The next generation should be informed through school programmes about climate change and CE and therefore strengthen the scientific basis for future decision-making.

The collaboration between very different disciplines and work areas is essential to enable a comprehensive assessment of Climate Engineering. The exchange via web portals, the intensive use of workshops, retreats or conferences will support this cooperation.
Planned are:

  • Conferences in 2013 (start) and 2015 (presentation of the results of phase 1, planning of phase 2)
  • Annual retreats for all participants
  • Annual doctoral workshops and -retreats
  • Summer schools
  • Invitation of guest scientists
  • Gender equalisation measures (soft skills trainings, coaching)

Public Relations

The transfer of scientific results and debates to the public is an important task of the SPP. For this to happen, an intensive dialogue with the media and political and social decision-makers will be conducted. Central elements of this process are:

  • This web page (, which reports about the SPP, current sub-projects, presents research and current events;
  • The internet portal, which gathers daily news on Climate Engineering;
  • An active press and public relations work;
  • Information brochures and info graphics for different target groups in order to illustrate and to deepen the debate;
  • Public events (2013, 2015).

School Programme

The next generation might be the one that may make decisions about the use of CE methods. To give students and teachers the opportunity to follow the debate on a well-founded basis, materials and methods to impart are developed specifically for schools.
More information about the school programme in german (Link)