Session 3: Governing Climate Engineering Research, Potential Development and Deployment

Chairs: Prof. Dr. Alexander Proelß (Trier University) and Prof. Edward A. Parson, Ph.D. (Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the Environment)

This session will consider the challenges posed by climate engineering research and development, and potential future deployment proposals, to domestic, European and international law and regulation.  Descriptions and analyses of likely challenges, suggestions of specific legal, institutional, and procedural responses to address the challenges, and assessments of the relevance and competency of specific current laws, treaties, and institutions, are all welcome.
Examples of specific problems that papers in this session might address include the following:

  • Strategies and gaps in the regulation of climate engineering research and development
  • Research management and coordination
  • Decision-making re authorization of engineered interventions (small, medium, or large)
  • The boundary between state and international authority (incl. potential role of regional supranational entities such as the EU and informal ways of regulating climate engineering research)
  • Risk assessment and consultation
  • Operational control of potential future large-scale climate-engineering interventions
  • Linkage with other aspects of climate-change law and policy, or with laws and institutions to manage other environmental problems

Liability for damage arising in the context of climate engineering research and development (incl. aspects of compensation)