Visting Scientists of SPP 1689


  • 12.4. – 15.4.2016: Klaus Keller is a professor of geosciences at Penn State, with an adjunct appointment as a professor of engineering and public policy at Carnegie Mellon University.  At Penn State, Keller directs the center for climate risk management as well as the research network for sustainable climate risk management (
    During his research stay in Kiel we discussed future cooperation possibilities with the ComparCE project to include Klaus’ expertise concerning Uncertainty Quantification as well as Metrics in the second phase of the project. In addition we hostes two one-day workshops on ‘Metrics in the Climate Engineering context’ as well as ‘Uncertainty Quantification in the Climate Engineering context’.



  • Dr. David Morrow from the George Mason University in Washington DC stayed in Germany from 6th - 27th of July 2015. He participated in both the SPP 1689 symposium and the annual conference of the International Society for Environmental Ethics (ISEE) that took place in Kiel this year. He was also part of an interdisciplinary two-day workshop on the ethics of climate engineering in which members of the C-ETHICS project and international colleagues presented their current work. Dr. David Morrow will also cooperate with the C-ETHICS project in the second phase of the SPP 1689.

  • Two weeks in March 2015 Prof. Dr. Jan Engberg from the University of Aarhus in Denmark worked with the SPP 1689's Sci-Pol project at the TU Darmstadt. He has also been participating in the SPP 1689 co-organized conference ‘Uncertainty as a Challenge for Science – Natural, Human and Social Science Perspectives’ and gave a lecture on ‘Sprachliche Signalisierung von Unsicherheit und (Un)Präzision in natur- und sozialwissenschaftlichen akademischen Texten’.



  • In August 2014, Dr. Vivian Scott from the University of Edinburgh visited GEOMAR in Kiel. Vivian works in the field of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). His interests are focused in the technical and political feasibility as well as the potential and the climatic effects of large-scale CO2 sequestration. During his stay in Kiel, he worked with the University of Victoria Earth Climate Sytem Model, which currently operates in Kiel, and compared simulations of different CDR methods with CCS. Of particular interest for the SPP 1689 were the comparison of CO2 leakage rates of various CDR and CCS processes and the resulting conclusions for the evaluation of CDR compared to CCS.

  • Mark Torres from the University of Southern California stayed as SPP guest scientist at the University of Hamburg. In the context of the workshop on »Enhanced Weathering« in January 2014, Mark Torres gave a talk and discussed his recent research results. Further information about the workshop: Rock’s power to mop up carbon revisited, Nature. International weekly journal of science

  • From February to May 2014 Dr. Georg Brun (University of Zurich) stayed within the SPP 1689 subproject C-Ethics at the KIT in Karslruhe. George Brun is one of the few argumentation theorists who have a particular expertise in formal reconstruction of colloquial arguments. During his research visit, the fundamental problems that arise in the detailed design of the CE debate have be discussed and solutions proposed.