Workshop: Climate Engineering Regulation and Liability

16 – 18 October 2017, KIEL


University of Kiel, Internationales Begegnungszentrum
Kiellinie 5 // 24105 Kiel

Research questions

  • Research methodology: anticipate potential future of climate engineering (CE) to assess present
  • If CE is done, how could it be regulated, how could some party doing CE be held liable?
  • Which type of regulation can set (economic) incentives to conduct carbon dioxide removal, while
    avoiding negative ecosystem effects?
  • Is it possible to establish a scientific basis for helding someone liable for adverse effects of solar
    radiation management (SRM) on others? (this includes detection and attribution)
  • How can the diverging interests of different parties be aligned by means of a regulatory system
    for SRM, including regional climate engineering?

Download Agenda

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Ulrike Bernitt // Project Manager SPP 1689 //